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Deus Ex (pronounced Day-us Ex) (pronounced "Doose Frickin' Ecks" by Sammy) is a is a cyberpunk-themed action-role playing video game developed by IonStorm, released in 2000. Despite having hardly sold more than million copies, it's still considered by the gaming community to be one of the greatest video games ever made.

The game is often praised for it's scenario inspired by conspiracy theories, memorable characters, unforgettable lines (Oh my God! JC! A bomb! / What a shame.), atmospheric levels and it's stealth-RPG gameplay.

But to Sammy, it's a "-30,000/10 frick person shooter that plays like Minecraft" and considers Kirby Super Star to be a better game.


In the year 2052, A mysterious infection is spreading across the world, causing mass hysteria and misery. Enter J.C. Denton, a rookie who after saving a few vaccines from terrorists, gets involved in some massive conspiracy involving the Illuminati, Area 51, U.S. Government, grey aliens and janitors rigging soda machines for shits and giggles.

Sammy's Opinion[edit]

Despite claiming to have never played the damn game, Sammy automatically dismisses Deus Ex as being a frickin' frick due to it "trying too hard to be violent, brutal and DARK", as well as for being a generic dark story where everyone starts off dead. He has also been known to compare the game to Minecraft, presumably because they both have a first person perspective as well as a smooth multi-tool interface during gameplay. This demonstrates a complete and utter lack of understanding regarding the core gameplay of both games, and implies that Sammy simply doesn't give a frick - if it's a first-person game, it's a Call of Duty style FPS, and thus it isn't worth his time.

He then goes on for a rant of how Nintendo is better due to Mario being a platformer, as platformers are the BEST GENRE EVER, YA FRICKS.