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Ethan Samuel Harbors, better known as SammyClassicSonicFan, (he was gone by many names, see below) is a 19 year old autistic Internet adventurer and lolcow. Originally thought to be a troll, he is now confirmed as an actual person. He usually rants about the gaming news and spends time interacting with his friends on the Internet. Sammy accidentally became a lolcow in 2013 when 4chan got a hold of his older videos. His catchphrases consist of "frick" and "alright guys?" In December of 2013 his original accounts were removed by his mother, and now have been restored by Sammy himself as of May 2014. As of June 1st, his mom pulled the plug again for catching Sammy cussing while playing a video game and blamed his cussing on the internet. Today Sammy currently is working on his youtube channel titled "The imperishable Sammy Zenith" where he gives his opinions on video games and plays video games. Mother of the year 2014, Everyone!

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Multiple names[edit]

Much like the devil, Sammy has many names: His first YouTube username was the one we all know: SammyClassicSonicFan In November 2013, Sammy decided to change his name to SammyTanookiGamer because he wanted to offer more Mario-related videos (Ironically, the first video he made under this new name was Sonic-related). In early December 2013, he changed his name back to SammyClassicSonicFan and made a second channel named SammyTanookiGamer. In December 20th 2013, both Sammy's channels got closed by his mom. After that, he made a new channel simply named Sammy Harbors, which was closed 3 days later. In late December 2013, likely without the consent of his parents, Sammy secretly created a new channel named SnoopyFlyingAce64. This channel was private and was known only to very close friends of Sammy. He made a few gameplay and opinion videos, no big deal. In late January 2014, all of this channel's videos got leaked, needless to say, Sammy was pissed. This channel is still open, but assumed abandoned by Sammy. In early February 2014, Sammy opened yet another channel, SammyPaperMarioFan. This channel was known only because of the infamous Golden Oreos review video. This channel didn't lived long and Sammy closed it. In middle February 2014, Sammy opened a new channel named Sammy Space-Time, to promote his new novel. In late March 2014, Sammy changed the name of his Sammy Space-Time channel to Sammy the Classic Sonic Fan because he felt that this was a better name. 7 YouTube accounts and counting...


Not much is known about the great frick before he made light to the Internet, but what we do know is that he was born on October 31st 1998 and that his earliest known video game was Game and Watch Gallery 2 for the Game Boy. Sammy was diagnosed with autism on 2002. After a few years involving him getting Sonic Mega Collection and getting a Wii with a lot of games (Sonic Games) Sammy made a YouTube account in 2008. However, he did not become known until 2012-2013 when his most famous video, "Stop Hating on Sonic" was posted on an autism thread in 4chan's /v/ board.