Sammy and the 1950's

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Why can't you frickin' fricks ever acknowledge the 1950's!?

-- Sammy

Sammy seems to (or at least, he used to) love the 1950's. He has made several mentions of it on his old videos, saying how the 50's were pretty much a better time period than modern days. We can safely assume that all he knows about the 1950's is what he saw in the movie Back to the Future (one of his all-time favorite movies) which, unsurprisingly, presents a fairly rose tinted version of growing up in a world gripped by the fear of nuclear war and the like.

Why does he likes the 50's so much?[edit]

Because apparently things where better then. He's clearly unaware that, while "gaming" has existed since the late 40's, 'electronic gaming' is still about 30 years off, so he can't go down to the 'milk bar' and play a few rounds of Pac-Man, nor can he rent some Wii U games to bitch about. Basically all he'd be able to do is listen to early Rock 'n' Roll music and watch shitty horror movies. He apparently seems to think that women were dressed more respectfully in the 50's, which is both true and the result of his fundamental Christian upbringing, but this doesn't mean women would be more willing to be around him, probably even less willing. Not only that, but women dressed up in sexy and provocative outfits have existed since forever, and the 50's isn't an exception; persons like Bettie Page and Marilyn Monroe were famous models that were well known for their works with pin-up photos, but whenever Sammy is confronted with this, he will simply deny it, even if this means denying historical facts. In comments on some of his Google+ posts, Sammy admitted that he perfectly knows about that the 50's were nothing but fear of nuclear war, racism, homphobia, etc. But he doesn't seem to have a problem with that and claims that it wasn't that bad.

Does Sammy still love the 50's?[edit]

As of May 2014, probably not. He probably still has some admiration towards the 50's just like a normal person would, he has recentely stopped mentioning the 50's and the last things he said about the topic is that he admits that the 50's weren't as good as he said.